Today is National Daiquiri Day!

It is believed that this rum-based cocktail, named after a small mining village in Cuba, was invented in the late 1800’s during the Spanish-American War.  The original daiquiri recipe called for white run, lime juice, and sugar.  Today, there are many daiquiri flavors and varieties form which to choose, including the ever popular strawberry daiquiri.

Our favorite daiquiri is the Lava Flow from the Grand Hyatt on Kauai.  This delicious frozen concoction is kind of a mix between a pina colada and a strawberry daiquiri and is best served poolside.

Lava Flow 

1 1/4 oz. White Rum                3 oz. Pineapple Juice          2 1/4 oz. Cream of Coconut

3 oz. Ice Cream                         1 oz. Strawberry Puree

Preparation Instructions: 

Pour strawberry puree into bottom of a glass. Blend other ingredients in blender and pour over puree.

At home, our go to is a frozen Bacardi mixer made with Cruzan Rum!

daiquiri 2


#NationalDaiquiriDay #GrandHyattKauai #LavaFlow

(It’s also National Hot Dog Day, but I had my fill over the 4th of July weekend.)

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