Anthony’s Key Resort

A few years back we spent a week at Anthony’s Key Resort,  in Roatan, Honduras.  Danny was big into scuba diving and I wanted to try something different, mainly the over the water bungalows, and it was pretty cheap trip, so we went for it.  All meals, diving/snorkeling and accommodations are included in the trip price.  … Continue reading Anthony’s Key Resort

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai = Perfection

What else can we say… this resort is absolute perfection.  The room we had on our last stay was just steps from the ocean and was perfect in every way.  We loved he updated patios and cabana day beds.   We enjoyed the ocean front room overlooking the King Pond area so you can sleep with… Continue reading Four Seasons Resort Hualalai = Perfection

Our 10 Best Walt Disney World Memories

If you know anything about us, you know we love to go to Walt Disney World.  In fact we have been 11 times over our 20 years of marriage.  We have had so many amazing trips that picking our top 10 memories was really hard to do.  There are so many things that Disney does to make vacations… Continue reading Our 10 Best Walt Disney World Memories

Today is National Mead Day!

Today is National Mead Day!  One of the worlds oldest fermented beverages, mead is also called honey wine, ambrosia or nectar.  It is made by combining honey, water and yeast. Danny and I traveled with Pop (Danny’s dad) to Ireland back in 2000. We went to the Bunratty Castle for the Medieval Banquet.  This County… Continue reading Today is National Mead Day!