Today is National Mead Day!

Today is National Mead Day!  One of the worlds oldest fermented beverages, mead is also called honey wine, ambrosia or nectar.  It is made by combining honey, water and yeast. Danny and I traveled with Pop (Danny’s dad) to Ireland back in 2000. We went to the Bunratty Castle for the Medieval Banquet.  This County… Continue reading Today is National Mead Day!

Shore Excursions

We’ve been on several Caribbean Cruises where we have been able to experience lots of islands and tons of shore excursions. We’ve been to Cozumel where we took a bus trip to see the ruins of Tulum and the Cayman Islands where we snorkeled, shopped and dove 100 feet with Atlantis Submarine. We’ve been to… Continue reading Shore Excursions

Today is National Daiquiri Day!

It is believed that this rum-based cocktail, named after a small mining village in Cuba, was invented in the late 1800’s during the Spanish-American War.  The original daiquiri recipe called for white run, lime juice, and sugar.  Today, there are many daiquiri flavors and varieties form which to choose, including the ever popular strawberry daiquiri.… Continue reading Today is National Daiquiri Day!

Top Restaurants in Hawaii

Recently Hawaii magazine conducted the 2017 Reader’s Choice awards for travelers to rank the Islands’ top restaurants.  Luckily, Danny and I have been fortunate enough to have tried 3 of the top 5 and tend to agree with the results #1 Mama’s Fish House – Paia, Maui It’s been awhile since we’ve been on Maui… Continue reading Top Restaurants in Hawaii