Disney Dining Review – California Grill

We’ve been to Disney a lot. Thirteen times over twenty-one years. And we have eaten at many, many restaurants in and around the parks.  At last count we have eaten at 46 different restaurants.  I love to try new places but I also have quite a few that I like to return to time and time again.  … Continue reading Disney Dining Review – California Grill

Today is National Pancake Day!

When it comes to ordering breakfast I almost always order blueberry pancakes.  However, on one of our first trips to Hawaii, I decided to try something new and tried macadamia nut  pancakes.  I was hooked and tried to order these whenever they were available on the menu. At a recent trip to Oahu, I ordered the macadamia… Continue reading Today is National Pancake Day!

Our 10 Best Walt Disney World Memories

If you know anything about us, you know we love to go to Walt Disney World.  In fact we have been 11 times over our 20 years of marriage.  We have had so many amazing trips that picking our top 10 memories was really hard to do.  There are so many things that Disney does to make vacations… Continue reading Our 10 Best Walt Disney World Memories