Four Seasons Resort Hualalai = Perfection

What else can we say… this resort is absolute perfection.  The room we had on our last stay was just steps from the ocean and was perfect in every way.  We loved he updated patios and cabana day beds.

Now this is a room with a view!


We enjoyed the ocean front room overlooking the King Pond area so you can sleep with the doors open listening to the waves.  The ground level rooms with the decadent but discrete, outdoor showers make bathing truly a luxurious experience.

Breakfast fit for a king or queen!


Every restaurant has stunning views, the food is prepared deliciously and sunsets are extraordinary.  Yes, everything might be on the expensive side, but the overall experience just makes it all worth it.

Our favorite pool to relax by.  Please bring me another adult iced pop! 


The beach is not really swimmable, but the abundance of Honu (sea turtles) makes relaxing on the beach a dream come true.  The pools and the spa are amazing, the staff is beyond excellent and we can’t wait to return next month for our third visit, this time to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

Danny took these shots.  Don’t worry he used a zoom lens.


We’ll be on The Big Island from September 22nd through September 28th (the 27th is our actual anniversary) before moving on to Oahu and Kauai, September 28th through October 6th, so make sure you check the blog posts to find up what we are up to!

Ahhhhh – sunset at the Beach Tree.  Perfect end to any day.


If you’d like help with planning a special trip like we will be taking for our anniversary, give us a call at 603-777-7850 or check out more information on Hawaii at


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